Are you ready for Black Friday?

Black Friday Shopping - Retail IT

Black Friday is no longer just a day for the retail giants to offer tempting discounts to bargain hungry consumers, it is now something retailers of all sizes (some reluctantly) are getting involved in. As you probably know, Black Friday originates from America – it’s always the day after Thanksgiving when US retailers have drastically cut […]

Three Best Practices for Luxury Retailing

Whereas there was a time when luxury brands weren’t entirely sure about digital’s role in their future, now the consensus is clear. The key to success is not to favour one channel over another, necessarily, but rather to leverage all channels together to deliver a seamless experience for the luxury goods consumer. But how to […]

KFC Lessons – Take Care When Changing Suppliers


It’s hard to imagine how a large, popular retailer or restaurant ends up not being able to sell its primary offering. Can you imagine Waterstones ever being unable to sell books, Clarks not being able to sell shoes? McDonald’s not being able to sell burgers? Well KFC somehow, as you’re probably aware, managed to run […]

EPoS systems for Sports Retailers

EPoS systems for Sports Retailers

Recently we blogged about why it’s important to have a contemporary EPoS system as part of your business. The software we supply, from Cegid, has many pros and we discussed some in our last blog piece (link at bottom of this article). Arguably the main ones are: Customer loyalty tools; fashion matrix management; item classification, […]

EPoS for Sports Retailers: The Essential Info

EPoS for sports retailers

“We feel we’re in a good place to discuss EPoS for Sports Retailers given we’ve been helping retailers in this sector with their technology needs for many years now. Having worked with Intersport for five years, we understand the challenges and needs of sports retailers. We now work with 15 Intersport members across 22 stores. […]

Five Trends Defining Luxury Retail in 2016

The luxury retail market is evolving and during the last decade has seen continuous growth as a whole, even during the times where the global economy has faltered. However not all niche markets within the sector have been successful and some, such as leather goods, have noted a drop in sales. Despite this, consumers are […]

The Six Latest Retail Trends

After evaluating the new generation of “ultra-connected” consumers who are transforming retail, the Martine Leherpeur trend bureau has identified six new distribution models where online and offline overlap or intertwine.   Changing approaches to the consumer The first distribution model to be analysed by the bureau was the Pinterest-inspired “Pin Shop”. This social network is where […]

Is 2016 the year eReceipts go mainstream?

There’s been a lot of coverage in the trade press over the past few months around eReceipts, particularly as Debenhams’ decided to launch such a service in the run-up to Christmas. The department store chain joined the likes of Sunspel, Monsoon, French Connection, Fred Perry and Brora, all of which have either trialed or have committed […]

Halloween retailing set to grow again in 2015

We wrote recently that the upcoming Black Friday is going to be the biggest single spending day for retail in the UK. Us Brits are also splashing the cash on this year’s Halloween, with Tesco predicting that £400m will be spent on Halloween retailing – on related goods and food – across the country.  That figure is […]