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Salesforce Commerce Cloud - RetailIT
Magento eCommerce - RetailIT

Retail IT have been integrating retail POS systems with e-commerce platforms since the company first started.  This has given us the ability to really understand the fundamentals. With this and our knowledge of Retail as a whole, we have been able to complete some exciting integrations with a variety of providers: Magento and Salesforce Commerce Cloud being two of them.

Our integrations have evolved from relatively simple flat file integrations where we exchange files containing sales, customer, item and inventory data between the e-commerce platform and POS system into real-time web service based integrations allowing all of the above as well as real-time stock position,  loyalty points and gift card balances. Sales are immediately available in the POS System, creating a completely unified solution allowing for customers to click and collect their orders and customer returns to happen on any channel.

We see this bridging the gap between POS and e-commerce bringing all channels together creating a more seamless retail experience for the retailer and their customer and allowing retailers to provide services once only available to larger retailers.