Is 2016 the year eReceipts go mainstream?

There’s been a lot of coverage in the trade press over the past few months around eReceipts, particularly as Debenhams’ decided to launch such a service in the run-up to Christmas.

The department store chain joined the likes of Sunspel, Monsoon, French Connection, Fred Perry and Brora, all of which have either trialed or have committed to e-Receipts over the past year or so. Not only do e-Receipts offer consumers the chance to organise and store and file their expenditure electronically without the need to keep paper receipts (which we all know can be easily lost), they also offer retailers the opportunity to further engage with their customers.



“Digital receipts can provide much more information and marketing opportunities than their paper based counterparts. Without encouraging those publishing them to clutter such correspondence with a plethora of offers and links, targetted messages and pushes to social media are simple to include” says Marc Stevenson, our Senior Retail Consultant.

In addition, giving customers the option of an E-receipt means retailers can capture email addresses and potentially more customer data.


eReceipts – making returns a simple process

The medium can also offer an enhanced returns experience for the customer. Fashion retailers are already trialing the use of e-receipts to notify store staff of intended returns and the reason for this, allowing them to prepare relevant alternative items to offer the shopper when they arrive.

We’ve provided eReceipt systems for clients in the past so we’re keeping a very close eye on this area to see how it develops over the year.

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