The Importance of a CRM: A Guide for Improving Customer Engagement and Retention

In today’s competitive environment with a pool of products and services to choose from, customers need to be informed of your activities. A CRM helps you prioritise a customer’s spending habits and suggest products they may like and keep them informed about your brand. What is a CRM? CRM, an abbreviation for Customer Relationship Management, […]

What is BOPIS?

Cartoon image depicting Computer and tablet and customer collecting item from store

What is BOPIS? We all know that 2020 was the year we want to forget, but in terms of technology we really received a massive push forward. In some sectors, online shopping increased by 157% year on year 2019 – 2020 and this doesn’t show any signs of stopping. Online shopping is about to reach […]

Magento 2 Integration with Y2

Magento 2 Integration with Cegid Y2

We’re delighted to announce the launch of our Magento 2 integration with Y2, the versatile, modern and scalable EPoS retail management system from our partners Cegid. Magento is a fully featured e-commerce platform that includes all the functionality required to set up and operate a transactional web store. The offering is already attracting interest from our […]

EPoS systems for Sports Retailers

EPoS systems for Sports Retailers

Recently we blogged about why it’s important to have a contemporary EPoS system as part of your business. The software we supply, from Cegid, has many pros and we discussed some in our last blog piece (link at bottom of this article). Arguably the main ones are: Customer loyalty tools; fashion matrix management; item classification, […]

Our work with Intersport

Intersport - a Retail IT client

To create the optimum platform for further expansion, Intersport UK needed to reinvigorate its local IT solution to better connect the store with central operations – and it turned to Retail IT and Cegid.   The project was sparked by an operational audit, carried out by Intersport UK’s IT Director, Laetitia Kotsiopoulos.  This revealed the […]

Cegid Y2 – omnichannel retail management solution

We’re proud to be a reseller of the Cegid suite of products and we’re especially excited about their latest retail solution for omnichannel retailing, Yourcegid Retail Y2. The new solution has been developed specifically for retailers looking for heightened levels of service as customers and staff increasingly use tablets and smartphones. “The consumer has changed. Now […]