What is BOPIS?

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What is BOPIS? We all know that 2020 was the year we want to forget, but in terms of technology we really received a massive push forward. In some sectors, online shopping increased by 157% year on year 2019 – 2020 and this doesn’t show any signs of stopping. Online shopping is about to reach a new dimension in the coming years and become a staple of the technology suite for retailers. 

Let’s explore what BOPIS is:

BOPIS stands for Buy Online Pickup In-Store. BOPIS is a versatile commerce solution that combines both digital and physical channels. In addition to the online shopping demands of consumers. They also want fast delivery at very little or no additional cost. At times, a customer may be in a rush or want to consult with store staff about the products they have bought. However, instead of going from store to store and finding the product. They buy that product online and then collect it from the store, this is precisely what BOPIS is. And that’s why BOPIS is not only suitable for the likes of Amazon who now offers pick-up locations. But companies that have an online and physical presence are able to fulfil both needs of the consumer, fast delivery at no additional cost.

How can systems facilitate BOPIS?

First and foremost we need a location for the customer to order their products from on an eCommerce site, this needs to be linked to the retailers EPoS/ERP solution in some way to facilitate stock control. Lastly, we need to get the item to the store if not already in situ. This will avoid disappointing the customer when they purchase the item and it isn’t actually available at the right location or at the right time. Another feature of BOPIS is that it also allows the store staff to recognise the customer on arrival, welcome them and easily hand over their order. The sale is recorded in the same place as in-store sales and allows for unified reporting. Thanks to Buy Online Pickup In-Store is also known to encourage further purchasing in-store, retailers are therefore able to increase the value they add to their customers by offering additional services.

What are the advantages of BOPIS?

The main reason why BOPIS has become so sought after in recent years is that it provides great advantages to both customers and companies. Customers are able to save valuable time by visiting the store knowing that the item they want is ready to collect.  They are also able to save money on deliveries. Both the customer and the business benefit from a quicker turnaround in stockholding. Both sides speed up the pick-up process in the store by reducing the waiting time. BOPIS ultimately optimises the purchasing process.

Many companies are already using BOPIS and some of the more well-known multinationals such as Marks & Spencer, Waitrose and John Lewis. Retail IT has recently implemented BOPIS at  Issey Miyake, Route One and Couverture and Garbstore. Many companies have announced an almost immediate increase in their sales after they started using Buy Online Pickup In-Store, as they are able to fulfil the needs of the ever demand for customer service…

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