See the presentations from our retail and technology event

We’re delighted by the feedback we got about our event. It seems those that attended love our array of presentations, speakers and topics all designed to help growing retailers compete with the larger chains and online giants. If you couldn’t make it, you can still get a copy of the presentations given on the day from both us and Purenet. 

How you can harness technology to compete with the retail giants

Our managing director James Rodger’s opening presentation covered five ways in which you can enhance your business through technology. These were: e-receipts, cloud computing, business intelligence tools, MPos and Click & Collect. We are very happy to share this with you.

Using digital media to get results

Matthew Carlton, our marketing manager, discussed how digital and social media can help a retailer increase brand awareness, drive footfall and online traffic, and boost sales and revenue. This presentation included examples of retailers who are using platforms like Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram to achieve these objectives.

We are also happy to present these presentations in-person or via a WebEx – at no cost – to you and your colleagues.

Our friends at Purenet also presented on ‘Creating Omnichannel brands and experiences through ecommerce’. Please email if you would like a copy of this insightful presentation. Videos of the presentations and the fantastic panel discussion will be available on our website and our YouTube channel early next week.

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