Cegind Retail CRM functionality - RetailIT

Cegid Retail has extensive CRM and Clienteling functionality which enables your staff to provide better and more personal service through having a closer understanding of your customers, their preferences, and their interactions with your business.

With Cegid Retail staff can easily lookup or capture of new customer details including contacts, addresses, emails, telephone numbers, preferences and personal details (birthdays, anniversaries etc.). Customisable fields allow any specific requirements which are particular to your business to also be captured. Cegid Retail supports both individual and company type customer records.

The Cegid Retail database keeps a record of all customer interactions and purchase histories enabling analysis of useful information such as visit frequencies and average spend. Any customer orders, reservations, and quotations are also held and available to lookup or for reporting or analysis.

Cegid Retail has extensive loyalty functionality and the ability to identify different categories of customers, e.g.VIP customers. Segmentation of customers is easy to do in Cegid Retail, enabling sophisticated targeted direct and email marketing campaigns