Make more possible with Cegid

How do luxury brands offer world-class service to discerning shoppers? Through world-class Retail Management and POS software solutions. Designed for the needs of luxury retailers, Cegid empowers brands to provide a smooth and personalized shopping experience. Find out more by downloading their Cegid Shopping Brochure.

Cegid Retail Mobile POS

Mobilizing In-Store Staff The Expanding Role of the Modern Sales Associate Cegid Retail Mobile POS — tied to our core Cegid Retail Y2 back end — empowers store associates to recognize shoppers, understand their buying history and preferences, manage loyalty and promotions programs, quickly access inventory availability, identify fulfillment options and complete transactions — all […]

Retail Mobile Inventory Tracking App

It’s time to get a grip on your instore inventory with mobile, accurate, real-time visibility so you can have precise understanding of where your stock stands. Yourcegid Mobile Inventory Tracking app enhances store inventory accuracy in real time, in an omnichannel context, and ensures you never miss a sale due to stock-outs.


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