Energise your Retail Recovery with Omnichannel

We are excited to offer our omnichannel package to help boost your sales post lockdown and are committed to helping you relaunch your business by offering a ‘Special Retail Recovery’ package.

This offer is designed to address some of your more immediate as well as your future concerns:

Retail Recovery Offer*

Try Retail IT’s Omnichannel solution with Cegid Retail and Magento for free for 6 months, including Omnichannel, Order Management, Customer Management, Mobile POS solutions and more.

eCommerce Orders

Choose from one or more of the following contactless eCommerce order types:

  • Ship from a central warehouse
  • Ship from a store
  • Click and collect
  • Store reservations

Customer Management

  • A single view of customers and addresses in one central location
  • Customer synchronisation between Magento and Cegid Retail in real-time
  • Extensive analysis of all customer activity across all your sales channels

Product Management

  • A single view of your products in one central location
  • The ability to send products to Magento from Cegid Retail
  • Categories, attribute sets and images can be exported to Magento
  • "Endless Aisle" capabilities using Cegid Retail MPoS

Inventory Management

  • Streamline merchandise operations and gain control over inventory across multiple locations
  • Leverage the stock from all your stores
  • Never again sell something  you do not have in stock!

Gift cards and eVouchers

  • Gift card provision using Cegid Retail’s Gift card functionaility
  • Online or in-store purchase and redemption of gift cards and e-gift cards
  • Online or in-store redemption of gift cards and e-gift cards

Customer Loyalty

  • Set up loyalty programs using Cegid Retail's loyalty system giving the same experience in-store and online
  • Rewards can be earned in-store and online creating the same customers experience in-store and online
  • Benefits can be claim in-store and online in a number of different ways

‘Try & Buy*’ offers to help boost your sales post lockdown

*Opportunity to try, at no cost (except for professional services costs) specific Cegid Retail solutions for a six-month period, in case of subscription prior to October 31, 2020 and under the conditions as set out in the Try & Buy Agreement